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I sent a review of your game in this page. I have autism and I have no money because companies in Portugal don't hire me to work because of my condition. If you send me your review copy, I will gladly play the game because I love it.

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Powa! is looking great, but I would like to play this on my Analogue Pocket. Are you planning on offering a Pocket file version as well?

Also, it is not really clear what is included in the Megapack. Is it the full version GBC file or is the game still in development? What else is in there?

Thank you very much, I'm glad to hear that you liked what you saw so far! 

I'm very sorry, but at the moment there is no plan for a Pocket version, however you could play on it with an Everdrive or similar device.

About what's included in the Megapack, it's concretely this: the 2 ROMs with the full game (EN/JP), the OST in FLAC format and the comic in a PDF file.

Hope it helps you!

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Hi there, just want to confirm Powa! Doesn't have save functionality. Is there a password system or something to that effect to jump to a stage? or do you need to complete it one sitting.

You need to complete it one sitting, old school style! That said, there is a cheat code, and it looks like some have already found it...

Old school is fine with me! Cheat code has me very intrigued. *tries konami code*

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Oh my gosh, called it!! Haha. Nice one.

Congratulations! :P

I see the demo but is there a full ROM available to download for free or purchase planned?

Yes, it is planned. It will be on this page for download, probably sooner rather than later.


Awesome!!! Thank you, I'm very much looking forward to it.

I'm also waiting for a ROM release. Probably going to buy the physical edition as well cause it's a very nice game.

A few days ago my physical copy finally arrived. I preordered in september 2020. Worth the wait. A really good game. Splendid work. Also the music is fantastic.


Thank you very much for your kind words. I hope you enjoy it!

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I preordered over half a year ago. Where are the copies? Beginning to feel scammed...

I am very sorry for this. The game should have been released more than a year ago, but the publisher has been having long delays. Their communication strategy is not being the best either.

Personally, I understand how you feel and I partly feel the same way. I wish I could do something, but unfortunately it's out of my hands.

Anyway, it looks like it will finally be released between this month and next month (at least that's what the publisher says).

Love this game. Just pre-ordered the physical release.

Thanks for you support!

I tried & rated the game. This is impressive.


Thanks for your words! I hope to release it soon (still waiting fot the physical copies)


Too bad the game is expensive... I had made videos and Livestreams of this game last year for the Demo version. I would like to know when is this game ready. I love this game but... no money...

I need this game to be finished!!!!!

Thanks! :)

It has been finished for a long time, but I have to wait for its physical release, which has a significant delay, although there is little left!

It's not an easy game, but I love it! Super cute presentation and tight controls.

yay! best gb homebrew game ever!

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It is looking reeeeally good
The Super Gameboy borders, the music... Everything shows TRUE GB LOVE.
Thanks for all your effort n_n