A downloadable Powa!

Help Powa! to get back to the village.

-More than 4 different worlds

-Compatible with GameBoy Color, Super GameBoy and original GameBoy (DMG)

-Awesome music by sergeeo

-Majestic cover, box art and additional ingame graphics by Ivan Miguel

Soon on your favourite handheld

Preorders of physical copies now here!

NEW-> Downloadable demo of the first 6 levels! this demo does not have intro nor difficulty selector, the final version will have both)


POWA! DEMO.gbc 256 kB


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It's not an easy game, but I love it! Super cute presentation and tight controls.

yay! best gb homebrew game ever!

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It is looking reeeeally good
The Super Gameboy borders, the music... Everything shows TRUE GB LOVE.
Thanks for all your effort n_n